Nurse on Board

Nurse On Board

Registered nurses with 
Nurse On Board are helping Canadians to see that they hold the key to making themselves healthy and strong when health issues arise. By learning to become effective self-advocates, individuals really can unlock the door to better care, varied treatment options and in some cases, complimentary therapies that can make all the difference.
Our nurses work to help those who lack the skills to advocate for themselves. Nurse On Board provides a service where individuals and families can retain a highly experienced Registered Nurse to serve as a trusted guide through the health care system.
It’s a popular concept in the Europe and Australia, and only now catching on in North America. The Canadian healthcare system is fragmented, complex, and often difficult to navigate, resulting in inadequate health outcomes. Nurses hired as patient navigators and health care advocates attend medical appointments, translate medical information, track prescriptions, oversee hospital care, research treatment options, and facilitate community resources. In some cases, they help through patient education and facilitating communication within families.
Just as important, these patient navigators provide support and guidance to people, many of whom are scared, confused and overwhelmed by a recent diagnosis or chronic care concerns and complexities. Nurse On Board will take into consideration the full spectrum of health needs- physical, emotional, mental and social- from first diagnosis, through acute, chronic and long term care, to end of life. Canadians can count on their nurse to be a trusted guide, to ensure the best possible experience with health care.
Susan Hagar is the Owner and Principal Advocate of Nurse On Board. She has over thirty years of nursing experience in the Ottawa area, from the bedside to clinical research to integrative medicine. Contact Susan for a free 30 minute phone consultation to see if Nurse On Board is the right service for you. 

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